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Who said the only way to learn about money was to read articles on top of articles? Financial education is all around us—provided you look closely enough. Increase your awareness with the SALT Blog video of the week, picked fresh from YouTube.

Can you think of anything more horrifying than having Dwight K. Schrute sift through your social media channels? I mean, at least when your parents accidentally stumble upon your scandalous Friday night pictures, they’re somewhat understanding about it. That’s because they, unlike Dwight here, actually have souls.

But Dwight isn’t the only lurker perusing your almost witty, self-indulgent status updates. Believe it or not, there are even scarier (but actually really helpful) creatures out there that are checking up on your various social media too.

They’re called employers.


Now before you stop reading, I promise I’m not going to preach too hard on this one. Just consider this as some advice from a fellow millennial.

We know for a fact that hiring managers are checking up on more parts of your life than just your résumé. And in a day and age when you can just punch a person’s name into Google and pull up their life story, why wouldn’t they? If you haven’t made your profile lockdown private by now (aka, letting “only friends” see your pictures and statuses), please do yourself a favor and get on that.

Enhanced privacy solves a lot of the problem, but not all of it. Like with everything on the internet, there’s a way to get around the safeguards. And there’s also your personal SEO to take into account. Remember that outrageous, angry blog post you may or may not have written on your Tumblr a while ago? It’s a lot harder to make stuff like that not come up when someone searches your name in Google.

So what’s the solution to this problem? It’s obvious, but not easy to do: Just stop posting nasty/weird stuff all over the internet in the first place!

Look, I get it; you want to look cool in front of all your Facebook friends. The 500 pictures you Instagramed of all the cocktails you drank, the raunchy tweets that may or may not have been purposefully spelled wrong, and the Foursquare updates that were so detailed that you practically did your personal stalker’s job for them—they were all just means to accomplish that end.

I’m just as guilty as the rest of you; we’re young, vain, and we want attention. If F. Scott Fitzgerald were still alive, he’d be laughing in our faces saying, “I told you so!”

So the next time you’re considering posting something inappropriate to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest, etc., etc., just really think hard about it. Do you need to further establish yourself as a hard partier with flimsy morals to people who already know who you are? The answer is usually no.

And if you really can’t stop yourself, find another outlet. Just saying, there are plenty of channels to make your ridiculousness public knowledge with some much needed anonymity.

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