Why Do You Want To Be A Millionaire? [EXCERPT]

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All this month, SALT™ has content about affording stuff you want—including why you want the stuff you want.

A lot of us want to be wealthy. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, would having a million bucks ensure you actually feel like a million bucks? Being “wealthy” can mean having a lot more than just money or material items. And that stuff might not make you happy anyway.

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a specialist in money psychology, explains why in this new article. Check out this excerpt and click through for the full piece.


So you want to be a millionaire? Everyone wants to be a millionaire, right? You would have oodles of cash to spend and endless fun. You would be wealthy. But what does being “wealthy” exactly mean?

According to reality television, being wealthy is living a life of indulgence, which includes lounging by day and partying by night. You ever notice these people don’t seem to have jobs? In the movies, wealthy people are more often than not unethical characters plotting to take advantage of others. Hmmm, also not attractive.

So why do you want to be wealthy? Because being wealthy means a lot more than what you see on TV or in movies. In fact, wealthy originally meant more than having big bucks in your bank account.

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