Who Are the Titans of Finance on “New Girl”?

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I'm not sure they know how the rent is being paid either.

I’m not sure they know how the rent is being paid either.

When I originally conceived the idea to write about the characters on New Girl and their struggle to afford their massive loft, I thought it would just be a fun joke.

But after a few weeks, I’m starting to actually consider this a plot hole.


We haven’t seen Schmidt at work since last Christmas. Jess is underemployed. Nick bartends, sometimes. And the writers treat Winston like a piece of talking furniture.

It’s obviously more fun to see the misadventures of these crazy 20-somethings, but they need to work too. A struggle with paying the rent or some student loan issues might hit home for the show’s viewers.

Until the show itself chooses to acknowledge any of this, I’m here to look at the characters’ lives and see how in the world they pay their bills.


Still no full-time job, but Jess has some income. She’s no longer working at the Casserole Shanty, but she found seasonal work during Halloween playing the zombie at a local haunted house.

It’s starting to look like we’ll see her flying through jobs for the whole season, but does that make sense? How much do haunted house zombies make? I don’t know what to search for in a salary calculator for comparison’s sake. Carnie?

Verdict: Whatever happened to that tutoring work? Can’t she find anything better than fast food or haunted houses?


His spending has slowed down after his pranking binge, and he knows that he’s not a “titan of finance.” He bought his buddy Schmidt a cookie—only after learning about friendship. He at least kept it cheap on Halloween dressing as “Bee Arthur,” which I sadly had to explain to my friends.

Verdict: Nick is still a bartender, right? How often is he at the bar? How much money is he making? So many questions.


The spending never stops! Cookies for friends, multiple Halloween costumes. Plus, if Schmidt’s job is really that lucrative, how often is he there? I hope he’s putting in some overtime to supplement his big budget.

Verdict:  Of all the budgetary issues on the show, this is the one that probably will never be addressed. He supposedly has family money and loves to spend, so this isn’t going anywhere. I hope it works out.


Remember when Winston got that big promotion a few episodes ago and would have to start working the late shift? Yes, that did happen.

Winston is criminally underused by the show, and therefore, there’s not much to say about his finances. I think we can say that with his job though, he’s one of the most reliable rent payers in the loft.

Verdict: Winston should be able to pay the bills, but until we see some more of his life we don’t actually know (#FreeWinston).

Have the last few episodes clued you in on how the gang affords the loft? Let us know in the comments.

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