When Should A Job Hunter Get Worried?

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What, me worry? When it comes finding a job, I guess the answer is “a little.” (Does MAD still exist? Are they hiring?)

I graduate in about a month. Slowly, the ticking of the clock gets louder and louder. I don’t have a job or any other opportunity lined up yet. The closer we get to cap and gowns, the more people I know who start to find the next step in their lives.

Talking to my dad this weekend, he asked, “Are you getting worried?”

I wasn’t quite sure what to say.


I ended up saying, “No, but there is a sense of urgency.”

I like to think that I’ve done a good job of staying in control of my worries, but they are starting to creep into my head. I’ve been able to handle the fear of post-grad plans pretty well, and I think there are a few reasons for that.

For those of you in the same place as me (I know you’re out there), here are my tips for keeping calm.

It’s All About You

It’s certainly intuitive to get more worried as those around you (friends, family, whomever) find their way before you do. Sadly, it can also be natural to get jealous or to get down on yourself.

I’ve found that the more that you look out for yourself, rather than worrying about what other people are doing, the better off you are. Be happy for your friends, but don’t let their success negatively affect you. Instead, give them a reason to be happy for you.

I’m surrounded by people fortunate enough to have job offers and new opportunities in front of them. I know that they are all deserving and that their success won’t hurt me in any way. Offering them anything less than excitement would be harmful to everyone involved.

Believe In Yourself

As leads or opportunities hide or slip away, you may feel the urge to doubt yourself or your résumé. There’s no sense in that. The job market is so competitive and, unfortunately, still a little bleak at the moment.

The second that you start doubting yourself, you make it that much easier for potential employers to doubt you. No one is interested in hiring someone with low self-confidence who has quit on themselves.

My dad reiterated this during the conversation I mentioned. Sure, he was speaking from the view of a proud parent, but at the end of the day, he’s right.

Never Stop Working

The easiest way to settle your worries is simple—keep working to find a job. Even if you aren’t finding new places to apply or interview, you can always improve your résumé or practice for future interviews.

Keeping the wheels moving and being willing to leave no stone unturned will ultimately lead to something. The better your attitude toward the job hunt, the better you will be at searching.

I know I haven’t lined anything up yet, but I won’t stop working until I do.

How do you control your job-hunting worries? Let us know in the comments!

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Leave A Reply
  1. Faith April 18, 2013 / 8:44 am

    I like to think that my friends who are getting awesome jobs will help me get a job in the future. That helps me to get excited for them when I still don’t have a job lined up yet.

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