What’s Next For The SALT Blog

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Single Lego on board

Now, this image plays more like “the last piece” than “the first one.”

Over the past 2.5 years, the SALT™ Blog has published 1,870 posts—and I edited almost every one of them. (Hey, a guy needs to take a vacation or paternity leave every now and again.) Today, I get the privilege of writing post number 1,871.

It will be the last one here for the foreseeable future.


What’s Going On?

Our loyal reader(s) have likely noticed some changes to this blog over the past year. We cut back on our daily features (here’s a final tweet of the day for you all), stopped adding new contributors, and reduced our publishing as a whole. In short, we evolved.

Why’d we do this? The same reason anything evolves: to improve. In our case, we wanted to do a better job gaining your attention and getting you to take action. So, we made this space simpler; we made it cleaner. And now, we’ve evolving once more—because we know it will allow us benefit you even more. Here’s how:

  • Easier experience: In addition to what’s posted on this blog, SALT has a ton of other great content on our parent site, saltmoney.org. Before, you’d have to visit us here and there to find all the information you wanted on scholarships, student loans, etc. No more! All our educational content will now live on saltmoney.org, and we moved some of our most useful blog posts there too—so you can now find everything you want in one place. For instance, check out our new archives for Amanda Abella, Ashley Norwood, and Diane Melville.
  • Stronger connections: Earlier this week, I talked about our new online community, SALT Central. I won’t rehash everything from that post (still going to make you click-through, even in this final piece). However, I will remind you that many of this site’s contributors haven’t gone away—they’ve simply relocated to the community. You’ll find new conversation-based blog posts and discussions from them, as well as from numerous other SALT experts. The community provides a simpler platform for you to engage with them all and your peers, while also putting the power in your hands to create your own content.

The “Thank You” Section

You don’t get to post 1,871 without a whole lot of help. Many of the people who deserve thanks are obvious—they’re the ones whose pictures you see at the bottom of each post. We’ve had 25 regular contributors to this site … and one cat. Their ideas and writing powered us, and I’m eternally grateful to them for that.

While those contributions were obvious, tons of behind-the-scenes help went unseen. This site also would not have accomplished what it did without the support of my management team, our company’s quick-to-respond tech folk, and the one lawyer who I think read almost as many of these posts as I did (thanks, Brendan).

And, finally, my thanks go out to all of you readers who shared this journey. When I introduced this blog, I quoted Jethro Tull, promising that, “I can’t make you feel, but I can make you think.” The journalist in me would love to close with another “Thick as a Brick” quote (the “circle kicker,” if you will); however, those lyrics remain pretty weird (also, I promised I wouldn’t).

Instead, I’ll simply take a hand and take a bow. Readers, we played for you—and that’s all for now. (For what it’s worth, I never promised I wouldn’t quote a different Jethro Tull song.)

Be sure to check out SALT Central to find Ryan and other SALT Blog contributors!

(Photo: Magic Madzik)

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