What Students Think of the Candidates’ Education Policies

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Joe, no need to interrupt. We'll get to what people think about the VPs later.

Joe, no need to interrupt. We’ll get to what people think about the VPs later.

The presidential debates are underway, and many people (and some muppets) have made their opinions clear. But what do college students and recent alums think? SALT pulled together our community to share their opinions about President Obama and Governor Romney—especially when it comes to education costs. Here’s what their conversation sounded like.


As a student, I’d like to vote for the person who has a big interest in making education available to people who normally couldn’t afford to attend college. All other politics aside, which candidate for President of the United States do you think has the best interest for us students and why?


I feel President Obama wants to help education, healthcare, and the country, but the Republicans shoot down many of his ideas. I think President Obama needs more support and trust from everyone so that the country can move on and improve from the state it is in now. His policies can help the middle class and therefore give parents and students less burden to help them focus on the goal of education.


Completely agreed! Obama definitely has the interests of the middle class, parents, and students in mind.


Let’s face it: No politician running for president these days knows anything about what kids in our generation go through when it comes to paying for school.

When you look at Obama, it looks like he does, right? Wrong. No matter how many programs he puts out there to help college students, we aren’t going to benefit until the national debt goes down. When you look at Romney, he’s not even paying attention to education.

Personally, I’d rather go with Romney simply because he may look at education later on and can turn around the deficit in our economy.


Obama has shown that he cares about the student loan problem. Although he hasn’t fixed everything, the government takeover of the student loans was one of the best things he did for students.

I would love to see more done to reduce the costs of education, and to help those with heavy student loan burdens. Romney has done nothing that I know of to even acknowledge that there is a problem with student loan debt. I can only imagine his solution would be to privatize everything (schools, loans, etc.).


While I don’t think that either is in it 100% for students, I do think that Obama is the lesser of two evils. He understands more of what “normal” people are going through with student loans, jobs, etc. Romney is totally out of touch with reality when it comes to not being a millionaire and struggling.


I’m not really sure who the best candidate is because I’m not really in favor of either of them. Both have their flaws, and both have things that I really don’t agree with.


Obama allowed for loan forgiveness, passed an increase to Pell grants, and spoke about the need to keep education affordable. The only issue I have with his education policy is that the majority of the jobs being created are not jobs that require a degree.

Keeping college affordable is great, but without the jobs out there, it may not make sense for some people to go to college—particularly those who miss requirements for financial aid and don’t have the means to pay their way.


I haven’t really done my own research on both candidates, but from what I hear through word of mouth, Obama is definitely trying to help students more.


I think that there are many improvements that could be made, but making them is very difficult and will take money that the country currently does not have. Despite our national debt level, Obama is still pushing for the students, their education, and America’s future.

OK, readers, your turn. Was our community fuzzy on some of their facts (not unlike the candidates during the debate)? Let us know in the comments.

(Please note that the opinions expressed above are solely those of the attributed members of the community and in no way represent the political opinions of SALT or its parent company American Student Assistance® (ASA). ASA® does not have an opinion on any candidate for public office, including the candidates for President.)

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