What Ice Cream Flavor Best Matches Your Spending Habits?

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Are you minting it? Maybe mint chocolate chip is your flavor. Hehe.

Are you minting it? Maybe mint chocolate chip is your flavor. Hehe.

Next week in SALT’s home town of Boston, MA the 31st annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl will take place. At this event, over 30 flavors of ice cream will be presented from nationally renowned vendors including Ben and Jerry’s, Baskin Robbins, and Breyer’s.

In honor of the three days of all-you-can-eat ice cream right at our doorstep and an event that has raised over $3.5 million for cancer research, we asked our  contributors: What ice cream flavor best matches your spending or saving habits and why?

Here’s what they had to say.

Diane Melville

Gosh, I hope no one picks Rocky Road.

I’m actually going to go with Americone Dream! First of all, it’s the best Ben and Jerry’s flavor ever created…so there’s that jumping off point.

I’m an entrepreneur, thus my spending and saving habits are directly related to what part of the emotional roller coaster I’m on for the day. Just signed a big deal? Then my attitude generally hovers around “dinner is on me!” Someone tells me that my product sucks? Then I hoard money as if winter is coming. It’s a lot to manage, but it’s all in the pursuit of the Americone Dream.

Sasha Laferte

As I am fairly new to the world of finances, I thought it would be fitting to pick a new flavor. As I grew up a Ben & Jerry’s girl in a Ben & Jerry’s family, I think the ice cream that most fits my spending and saving habits is Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz.

Not only do I require enormous amounts of caffeine to balance a job, internship, classes and my student loans, but I think as I intern with SALT I have developed a new sort of energy in regards to debt and finances.

This ice cream is set apart from other coffee ice cream with its espresso fudge bean chunks just as I hope to set my financial situation apart from others by making enough money when I graduate to make extra loan payments in giant chunks (not as tasty as fudge bean, but still very satisfying).

Sarah Barker

Ok, so there is vanilla and there is Haagen Daz vanilla. Two completely different subjects in my book. So for me, yes I am a vanilla kind of girl – which does relate to my spending habits. Why? Well here’s the thing, if Haagan Daz is on sale, I am all over it for that amazing classic vanilla taste. However, other vanilla ice cream can be, well just vanilla. So if I’m shopping ice cream sales at the supermarket, I go for the cheapest relatively good brand and therefore may buy a couple of flavors  – but when the opportunity knocks pricewise, I shop for Haagen Daz every time. And yes, Target has great prices on ice cream – although it bothers me to realize that someday I may have to buy everything at a big box store, if we all continue to patronize these superstores instead of the local ones…

As for Haagen Daz vanilla relating to my saving or spending habits overall, I think the idea here is that I am willing to pay a little more for something of quality.

Ryan Lane

Splish Splash sherbet from Baskin Robbins (it’s about halfway down this page; scroll through at all these flavors at your stomach’s own peril). I wade into saving and spending, without really diving into either. I probably should add an extra scoop to my savings, but managing my spending keeps me from drowning in debt each month.

Shane McNichol

For my spending flavor, I’m going to go with Fudge Ripple. Most of the time it is pretty vanilla. A couple bucks here, a couple there, but nothing crazy. Then every couple bites, something rich and flavorful pops into your mouth unexpectedly. Those little fudge ripples might be big purchases, extra savings, or shopping sprees. They are rare, though they definitely happen. The ability of the vanilla to mix in with the fudge makes it all deliciously go down smoothly.

Bridget Casey

Whenever I go to this little ice cream shop near my house, I always order birthday cake flavored ice cream with gummy bears mixed in. It probably reflects my spending: the birthday cake ice cream looks deceptively like vanilla, much like how the bulk of my spending goes to responsible categories – but are secretly luxurious (i.e. groceries are gourmet organic ingredients from specialty shops), and the gummy bears are of course are all the fun obvious things I buy, like travel. As long as my ice cream (spending) fits within the cone (income), why not make it as delicious as possible?

Alright readers, now it’s your turn. Tell us what flavor best matches your spending habits in the comments!

(photo: gordonramsaysubmissions )

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