Week 68: Answering All Your Student Loan Repayment Questions

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Rewind YellowHope you had a chance to enjoy the long weekend yesterday!

Now, we totally get it if you need a little more time to get back into the groove of the week—or to just figure out your next move. If that sounds like you (and here’s hoping that Rob Ford link does not), check out what you may have missed on the SALT™ Blog.


  • With student loan grace periods coming to a close, Betsy Mayotte and Piglet answered a question on a lot of peoples’ minds: should I consolidate my loans?
  • You can also win prizes at FaceTheRed.com, including $200 worth of airfare from StudentUniverse. Where should you go with that money? Well, in a sponsored post, StudentUniverse shares a few ideas.
  • Wondering what happens if you miss a student loan payment … or six? Well, thanks to our latest infographic, you can find the answers without suffering any of the misfortune that comes with them.

Did you have a favorite post from the past week? Let us know what it was in the comments.

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Leave A Reply
  1. Tammy Schneider November 12, 2013 / 12:51 pm

    I have a question about Parent Plus Loan repayment – does anyone here have any experience with it?

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