Week 67: Good-bye, Halloween; Hello, Student Loans

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Rewind ImageStill recovering from last week’s World Series celebration? (You and Mike Napoli both, I bet.)

Unwind with a look at what you may have missed on the SALT™ Blog.


  • We checked out a video from saltmoney.org detailing one of the scariest money monsters around: your credit score.
  • With the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau investigating how student loan servicers process borrowers’ early payments, Sean Engelking offered advice for paying off loans early.
  • Brigit Bauma told us how she learned a whole lot at community college not from her professors, but from her classmates. (She still learned from her professors too; don’t you worry.)
  • In honor of Halloween, we unveiled a new comic about something that spooks more people than monsters or zombies. Yup, it’s student loans. (What? Did you think I’d say “vampires”? People love those!)

Did you have a favorite post from the past week? Let us know in the comments!

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