Week 50: New Loan Forgiveness Opportunities, Networking, and Summer TV

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Explosions in the sky for a wonderful holiday

Here’s hoping you had a flashy Fourth Of July.

In case you were busy catching the fireworks in your area instead of keeping up with the SALT™  Blog, we’ll help you get back up to speed. Check out what you may have missed last week.


Elaine King contributed to saltmoney.org with an article on how to spend wisely.

Hooray! We found out that there are new Student Loan Forgiveness options for interns and nurses. Are you eligible for one of them?

Betsy Mayotte—our director of regulatory compliance answered a few questions on refinancing your loans. In case you missed it, click here.

Mike Restiano found a summer internship like previous years, but this summer he moved out of his parent’s house while interning. See what he’s learned so far.

Diane Melville found a “kriller” scholarship for just about anyone. Did you get a chance to apply for it?

Bridget Casey talked about the importance of networking. Don’t miss out on these valuable lessons!

Ever think you’d learn something valuable from TV? Well, Shane McNichol found some interesting financial tips from his new favorite summer TV shows.

And, with the heat wave experienced last week, everyone is looking for ways to keep the cool. Anna Marden shared some inexpensive, no-cook recipes that can keep your apartment cool and your belly full.


 What was your favorite post from the past week? Let us know!

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