Week 47: It’s A Unicorn! It’s A Car! It’s A Superman Reference!

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Red Rewind buttonSpend all week searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? (You went for the Sportula, didn’t you?)

Well, then check out what you may have missed on the SALT™ Blog.

  • Former intern Mike Restiano is now former study-abroad student Mike Restiano. He shared what he learned about going abroad without going broke in our latest free webinar (now available as a recorded session).
  • Diane Melville taught us that a student who isn’t eligible for a single scholarship is a lot like a unicorn: awesome rare. That’s why applying for scholarships like it’s your job almost always results in free money for you.
  • Our community told us why “Old Economy Steven” just doesn’t get the struggles students and young alums face today. (Shoot, he probably doesn’t “get” memes either!)
  • Brigit Bauma extolled the virtues of nail polish and other quick fashion fixes you can make on your own without spending a lot of money.
  • I pictured former intern Sasha’s first weekend in New York City looking something like this. Unfortunately, she forget her umbrella … as well as a bunch of other stuff. She told us how she snagged those essentials, despite NYC’s higher cost of living.

What was your favorite post from the past week? Let us know in the comments.

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