Week 37: Videos, Infographics, And Comics, Oh My!

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Rewind YellowWere you preparing for April Fool’s Day? Or was that your joke? Not reading the SALT™ blog for a whole week I mean. Either way, here’s what you missed!

  • Mike told us how not to go crazy at home on school breaks. Thanks, Mike, much needed advice for a lot of us. To all you people like me out there: Do you like the standard “pose-a-hypothetical-question-and-then-answer-it” style? Keep doing it. It’s not “standard,” just under-appreciated.
  • I gave you some new dos and don’ts from the Gallagher clan. For those of you who watch Shameless, can we please vent about how last Sunday’s episode was only 50 minutes long? Looks like they cut part out.
  • I shared with you my path to finding the right savings account for me, though Ryan just gave me some new advice (look into high-yield savings accounts too) and now I’m reconsidering. Who knew editors were good for more than just editing?
  • We got another infographic! Too bad it told me that my literature major is going to leave me unemployed.
  • Shane told us about our new app, Fixx by SALT, which show you how much money you’re spending on your “fixes,” like takeout and bottled water. Turns out I should stop wasting so much money on Q-tips. Clean ears are for weirdos.
  • And last but not least, we debuted a new comic on staying money savvy even if you’re a zombie. Eating brains does not mean gaining intelligence, apparently.

What was your favorite post from the past week? Let us know in the comments

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