Week 36: Starting Spring With SALT

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blue-rewindIt was the first day of spring last week, so I know you (like me) were probably frolicking in light sweaters and shorts, bathing in temperatures almost breaking 40.

You, like me, were probably laying in the grass pretending to be in a bed of newly bloomed flowers. It wasn’t too difficult to ignore the snow landing softly on your head, was it?

Or you just didn’t read SALT™ Blog. Whatever. Either way, here’s your weekly recap of what you missed.

  • SALT came out with a new lesson on mastering your plastic. If you went a little out of control with your credit cards or are having trouble making payments, this is the lesson for you.
  • I gave you guys an awesome new post about Kickstarter. Gardening and entrepreneurship? Sounds like something my parents would love. But no, it’s actually really cool. Check it out.
  • We talked about the importance of meeting your “influencer.” Counselors on campus can play a huge part in helping you achieve your goals. Though, I agree about the cheerleader picture in that post … she’s a little scary.
  • We learned some valuable things about the student loan grace period. If you make payments on your subsidized loans before the grace period is up, you are chipping directly at the borrowed amount, interest free.
  • Shane told us how the SALT Blog filled out our NCAA bracket. I don’t really understand basketball, or brackets, or math (I’m an Emerson student after all), but I like the name of his metric “Jubilations Adjust for Money.” Actually, I just like the word jubilations.
  • Brigit taught us how knowing what is “in” can help us find cute clothes on the cheap. I wonder if this list is just for the ladies. I don’t know how I feel about putting a man in lace and leather and calling it fashionable …
  • Shane looks at the money-related tips we can learn from the new show, Nathan For You. It turns out using a 7 year old’s responses in an interview is a bad idea.
  • I talk about my struggles finding an apartment. As I continue to search, renting out a parking space and living there in a tent for the year doesn’t sound too bad.

What was your favorite post from the past week? Let us know in the comments

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