Week 32: Shopping, Sneaky Saving, And Scholarships Sound Good To Us

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We’re not sure what you could have been doing last week if not reading our blog. Possibly preparing for the Oscars?

Watching all of the movie nominations can consume hours of time. Some of you may have even been picking out your outfits to attend (major daps to the Emerson student selected).

Now that you’ve had your fill of supreme cinematography and popcorn, here’s a recap of what you missed last week on SALT™ Blog.

  • I talked about ways to save over the weekend and avoid that Monday morning spending hangover. If you still can’t find a job doing manual labor, I invite anyone willing to come over and vacuum my dorm room. (You need to bring the vacuum, mine broke.)
  • I gave you some pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) advice on saving for spring break. Which I hope you took. Maybe I’ll see you in the Bahamas next week?
  • Economic hardship deferments are the subject of the week in our counselor’s corner. Learn what they are, common misconceptions about them, and how to use them here!
  • Shopping can be an effective way to de-stress without breaking the bank. Brigit told us how to use retail therapy without becoming a shopaholic in her latest post.
  • Evelyn warned us of the dangers of shopping at Whole Foods while hungry. I went to a mattress store sleepy, and it worked out a whole lot better—kind of.
  • Shane gave us a new post on the television series New Girl and the financial consequences of professing one’s love.
  • We learned that doing taxes early is a necessity when applying for financial aid in Sarah’s newest parental advisory post.
  • Intern Shane offered some great advice on saving at the movie theater and aided in giving my mom the fame she deserves in his latest SALT Blog guide.
  • News of students acting money savvy is music to our ears—and so is, well, music. Check out our advice on how to Harlem Shake up your finances and our stories on our favorite thrift shop purchases.
  • We loved the witty responses of students to what they would do if money grew on trees so much that we thought we’d share some favorites with you in our SALT money tree post.

Did you have a favorite post from last week? Let us know in the comments.

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