What To Do While Waiting For Your Dream Job

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Slanted knit scarf

Starting a hobby (like knitting) could pay off for you while waiting on your dream job.

I’m happy to report that, late this summer, I finally landed a job! It took me about 8 months, but I’m currently working as an associate editor for a local newspaper and getting the experience that I wanted.

However, I know not everyone is as fortunate. Don’t get discouraged. You still can find your dream job. Unfortunately, you can’t know when it will arrive—and with student loans and other expenses around, you can’t keep waiting.


I had given myself until the end of August to keep looking for a job just in the field I wanted. If I didn’t get a job by then, I was going to apply for anything. It’s weird how things work out sometimes.

Anyway, I thought of some things to pursue while waiting for my dream job. If you find yourself in a similar situation, perhaps these ideas can inspire you.

Find Another Job Or Internship

I was very lucky that my parents supported me looking just for a job in my field for a few months. However, some people need a job to support themselves, or others pressure them to find work faster. It may not seem like it, but taking a job or internship not in your field is OK—and even good for you.

When future employers review your résumé, they aren’t just looking to see that you have a degree. They also look at your past work as well as if you are working now. A big break in employment can seem bad. In addition, employers also like to see what other skills you have. In that respect, working in retail or at a restaurant may be more beneficial than you think.

While you work, you can still do things to land your dream job. Make connections with your new coworkers—you never know if one will be related to someone in your dream industry. Or, see if you can gain any skills for your dream job at your current job. Be creative!

Continue Your Education

I feel like I keep shoving this point in all my articles, but really, continuing your education is a great way to learn more about your industry.

I was looking into starting on a certificate program. Many of the classes, if not all of them, were at night. If I got a job that was nine to five, or at least on weekends, that left me to take night classes. If you prefer morning classes, many jobs are just at night too.

Also, continuing your education puts you in rooms with others who are just as passionate as your work as you. They too might know someone who can help you. Ask your professors especially, as they likely work, have worked, or know someone who works in the industry. Remember: Networking is one of your best resources into getting your dream job.

Start A Paid Hobby

I wanted (and still want) to learn to crochet and knit. I am in love with scarves, but knit scarves can be pretty expensive. So, I wanted to learn to make my own. And once I get good, I figured I can make money off this hobby. If I create an Etsy account, I can sell my homemade scarves.

Starting a new hobby that you can make money with is a great thing to do while job searching. It can help add a little extra cash or a lot, depending on what you do. Plus, you can learn some great new skills along the way. I won’t just learn to knit. I’ll know how to work Etsy, sell products online, write product descriptions, and many other abilities.

Other hobbies that can pay are blogging, videographer (like on YouTube), wood/metal/knit crafts, and collector and seller. Of course, there are many more. Just do your research—you’ll be surprised at what can make you money.

What are you doing while you are waiting for your dream job? Or what did you do? Tell us in the comments!

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