Twas The Night Before Applying, For Jobs And For College

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Light-up Christmas goose decoration

Will the future be bright for Carmen and Baby Brother Goose?

Ah, the holidays. Such a great time to be with family. The time to drink, eat, and just be merry.

My holidays started with my first loan payment on Thanksgiving day. After that harsh blow to my small pocket, everything should be heading up for Christmas day. Right?



I’ve been working with a production company for a few months now, and like most productions go, the budget is getting tight. So, after mid-January, they have to let me go since, well, they can’t afford me. Bummer. I guess “gigs” in the film and TV industry tend to be short lived.

So this Christmas break, I’ll be enjoying one of my favorite pastimes: applying for jobs. At least I have company. My little brother will be in his college application grind as well.

Yay changes!

Opportunities; Opportunities Everywhere

While the applications my brother and I are working on will be very different, our situations won’t be. (Although, at least I don’t have to pay to apply for jobs.)

Over the last few months, I’ve met so many people in my industry that it gets to be overwhelming. Everyone is doing something, and everyone would love your help. New York feels like a city with endless possibilities.

College can seem that way too—especially for an 18 year old with no idea of what he’s doing.  You’re looking for a place with people who want, or think they want, similar things as you. But there are so many choices. However, pick the right one, and you get the help and support you need to grow. Finding the right school can be like finding the right job. Both are pretty amazing, once you realize it.

Where To Find Help

We’re almost done with my little brother’s college apps. The common app makes it so easy for high schoolers to apply. After you complete your first application, it’s just a few clicks and you’re done. But in my little brother’s case, he has a few application fees to get through. (I really wish I could help you there, bro. “Starving” writer here.)

When I was applying for college, I completely forgot that some universities waive your application fee if you qualify. So when lil’ goose mentioned the “moolah” needed, I quickly told him to just ask. An email or a quick visit to the guidance counselor at your high school won’t kill ya.

We’ll see if he follows my tip—I know that I certainly need to. Like I said, I’ve already made a lot of contacts in my brief time in NYC. I now need network with them (you know, ask) about potential opportunities for me.

Keeping Our Spirits Up

This break sure is going to be an interesting one. Both me and my little brother have a lot of changes going on in our life. Both exciting, in their own ways. It’ll be my first Christmas away from home, and his first as an “adult.”

But in the spirit of the holidays, I won’t let the stress of job searching get me down. I mean, people get into it, and you never know what can happen.

I feel good. After all, Christmas is the season for geese. (Hiring, accepting, eating, whatever.)

How are you spending your holiday break? Share in the comments.

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