Thrifty Gift Ideas For Your Entire Office

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Wow! Time has flown by. It’s 5 days before the end of my final semester in college and 7 days until Christmas. By now, I’ll usually have completed my assignments and my Christmas shopping. However, I haven’t finished either yet.

With my time and wallet crunched, I had to get creative with presents for my coworkers.


Usually, I’ll bake cookies or bring in candy to the office. This year, as it’s my last one with my work family, I wanted to give them something memorable that they can keep.

So, I dug into the deep recesses of my mind (the only part I’m not using for finals) and thought of some cute, creative, and money-saving ideas. There’s still time before the holiday; maybe you’ll want to steal these ideas!

For Everyone: Personalized Ornaments

Altogether, I’m giving presents to 21 coworkers. That’s a lot of people, but I still wanted to make each gift feel personal. I wanted it to be something they could use every year. So, I decided to buy ornaments and decorate them with puffy paint!

I bought a few boxes of ornaments, about $3 each, and puffy paint, $0.99 each, spending a total of $8 for these personalized presents. On each ornament, I am going to paint the department they work for, their job title (if they have one), and their names. Though not all of them may celebrate Christmas, they can still use the ornament for our tree here at work.

This present shows that I took time to think about what I would get them, because I care about each and every one of them. Hopefully, when they see the ornaments, they’ll think of me!

For The Bosses: Mugs With Hot Chocolate Mix

There is usually one thing that you see your boss do every morning, especially around this time of year. It probably involves a cup and some sort of hot beverage for a little warmth and pick-me-up. Why not help them out?

I’ll be giving my bosses a holiday mug with hot chocolate mix. (Check out Anna’s post on how you can personalize these. Wish I had the time to do so!) I’m buying cute mugs from the dollar store and a box of hot chocolate mix, costing me a little over $5 for my four bosses.

The great thing about this gift is that you can change around the items and still save money. If your boss doesn’t like hot chocolate, get tea bags or a coffee mix. Maybe they would like a traveler mug rather than a coffee cup … the list goes on.

For Close Coworkers: Funny Office Supplies

Have an inside joke or two with a coworker you’re close to—or maybe just joke around in general with a friend at work? I recommend getting them a funny gift. Not only will they think of the joke every time they see it, but they’ll also think of you.

If I had more time, I would get some of these cool notepads. I have a few jokes with friends about “high fives,” so they’d be great. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury to order gifts, so I’ll likely buy them some spiral notebooks or folders with images that are either funny or feature something they’re interested in.

Perhaps you have a thrifty holiday gift idea? Share it with us in the comments!

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