This Is Another Farewell Post

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Oh NYC, what adventures will you bring former intern Carmen this year?

Oh, NYC, what adventures will you bring former intern Carmen this year?

August 22, 2013 was a regular summer day …

I woke up surrounded by boxes. “Ah yes, I am in the middle of a move,” I say to myself that morning. I groan and moan all the way to the bathroom. Proceed to wash my face and get ready for the day. The 8:45 a.m. train is packed. I manage to sit down after a few stops and start reading my friend’s book of short stories.

Suddenly, I am transported to what I’ve called “my cubicle” for the past few months. I sip on some “divine doughnut” coffee. I open Outlook. (This is the routine, guys, get with it.) And I finally realize “Wait … today’s my last day at ASA.”


It’s Time To Reflect

When I started interning here back in June, I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of my summer. I had just graduated and hadn’t really processed the thought of becoming a “real” person. As the summer went on, I focused on getting interviews and trying to move out of Boston—the city I called home for 4 years.

I collected stories of these adventures in New York City and opened up to how lost I was feeling throughout the whole process. But in spite it all, I learned a lot this summer. Not just about myself but about my loans.

My Grace Period Will Soon Be Over

But my budgeting skills remain.

I’m already receiving the emails stating that my grace period ends in 3 months. This email from the federals could be quite overwhelming for the unprepared post-grad. Thanks to my knowledge of all things SALT™, I already have my first payment saved up in my bank account. Whew.

Staying focused on the big picture is key when it comes to saving. For this, you need to be organized and proactive. Contacting your loan providers, your counselors, or anyone that can help you with your loans when you don’t know what options you have is a good way to get started. I wouldn’t know all the deferments or payment plans I have to accommodate my needs if it wasn’t for SALT.

So … Where Do I Go From Here?

It looks like the next step is New York. I found a place with two acquaintances in Brooklyn. I accepted an offer for an internship with one of the small production companies I interviewed with, and I’m making moves to babysit so I can make some more cash.

It’s not exactly what I wanted, but for the time being, it’s an exciting opportunity I’m going to take. I won’t stop searching for the job that I really want. And I will keep my options to move to whichever city has the best opportunity.

Everything is subject to change, but at least I took advantage of this summer  and created something out of myself. (I think.) And for that I am forever grateful to ASA.

Until the next adventure.  Thanks for reading.

Have any parting words of wisdom for Carmen? Share them in the comments!

(Photo: Carmen Guzmán)

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