How To Splurge Responsibly On Vacation [COMIC]

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The last time we saw Pete, he was just beginning his European adventure. Now, he’s catching up with another member of the #20SomethingProblems gang.

To save money, Pete’s stayed in hostels, but he hasn’t had the best luck finding good accommodations. Is it time to splurge? Check out our latest comic to find out.


(Click image to enlarge.)

Brown-haired man and blond-haired man video chat. Blond man stays in three hostels: one dark and dusty, one too bright, and one with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and torn mattress. Brown-haired man sits on green couch. Blond man lays on huge pink bed with pillows and dips food into fondue.


Do you save or splurge when you travel? Let us know in the comments!

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