Shopping Online The Smart Way [EXCERPT]

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Folks, we’re officially hitting crunch time for holiday shopping. If you’re struggling with those final hard-to-find items on your family’s wishlist, you’re likely turning to the deep recesses of the Internet to make their dreams comes true. (Obscure Simpsons reference T-shirt, here I come!)

In addition to your purchase, you probably look for a few other things when deciding where to buy: cheap prices, free shipping, and quick delivery. However, those shouldn’t be your only considerations.



It’s no surprise that online identity thefts may increase during the holiday season. But how can you ensure the only things you give away are presents to loved ones? Well, you can shop online the smart way. And you can learn how to do just that with help from SALT™.

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Even people who are very familiar with online shopping can get tricked into scams. It isn’t difficult for scammers to copy a lot of the little symbols that show you a site is trustworthy, like the VeriSign logo and the PayPal Certified certificate.

These companies scan the Web daily to ensure people aren’t misrepresenting their endorsement, but before they can shut a scam site down, you might already be among its victims. That’s why it’s important to check a few third-party sources when it feels like a site you’re on or an email you’ve received might not be on the level.

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