Shane’s Final Video of the Week: The Best of the Best

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Thanks, YouTube. Thank you.

If you’ve been regularly reading the SALT BlogTM, you may have noticed over the last few weeks that everything I’ve written recently has dealt with graduation, job searching, and moving on.

Some of you may have wondered what that means for my time as an intern here, and well, here is your answer.


For the last 32 weeks, I’ve been here every Thursday with a video (or several videos) and the financial lesson within that video. This, however, will be the last of those weeks. As you have probably gathered, I recently graduated. I’ve moved back home and entered full job search mode.

From here on, I will continue to contribute to the SALT Blog a couple times a month, but not as frequently as I have been. It’s not goodbye, but it does mean that my stranglehold on the video of the week series will come to a close.

That being said, let’s look back at the VOTWs I’ve done and see which lessons I have found to be most useful. No, this won’t just be a listing of my favorite videos or the posts I thought were the best (that would be the 30 Rock and NFL Draft editions).

The Baby and the Lion

One of my first cracks at the video of the week foreshadowed what would become of my work, lots of babies and animals. Here we see a lion desperately scratching at a glass wall in an attempt to eat a human baby. It’s as cute as it is terrifying.

The lesson is worth revisiting, even now that I’ve left school. A budget and some good deals, like that wall, can help slow the never-ending spending on food. I don’t think that will ever stop being the case, but until I find a job, I’m going to build a solid 6 inches of glass between me and a pricey dinner.

The Basketball Baby

After it became a huge viral hit, I talked about Titus, the sharpshooting youngster (I told you there were lots of baby videos). Titus compiled an astounding trick shot video all around his house that would bring him to bigger and better things (like an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live).

I was concerned with the amount of editing that went into the video. Sure, the kid made some shots but what at what kind of percentage? As a financial lesson, it doesn’t matter. He was able to put his absolute best foot forward and show us all what he could do. I showed how that is important in the job search.

I’ve learned that even more now. I graduated with two majors that were semi-related. That means I could apply to a wider array of jobs and companies. For each one, I’ve been sure to edit myself (in résumé, cover letter, and application) to the best fit for the position.

The Chickeneers

Jimmy Fallon corralled some big names (Blake Shelton, Nick Offerman) for this silly performance on his show (He’s since repeated the skit with the song “Some Nights,” Michael Buble, and Amy Poehler).

I took the chicken element and ran with it, asking if you (or I) were a chicken in their job search. The deeper I get into the employment hunt, the more I think this is the most important piece of advice I’ve ever given. Of all the things I’ve written, this one hits closest to home.  Being confident and putting yourself out there is the only way to get noticed.

Final Word

And with that, it ends. It’s time for bigger and better things (my new Contributor title sounds so fancy!).

Thanks to everyone for reading; I’ll be back soon. But goodbye to all my intern duties and to video of the week—it’s been fun.

Have a particular favorite Video of the Week? Share with us!

(Photo: codenamecueball/Flickr)


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