Saying Goodbye To The SALT Blog: Where Has The Time Gone?!

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goodbye in scrabble-like tile pieces

With so many moving pieces in her life, Susie knew she’d have to say goodbye to something to prioritize them.

Time flies when you do something you enjoy—and, for me, that includes contributing to the SALT™ Blog!

This week marks the 1-year anniversary of my first post, and it seems just like yesterday I introduced myself as a master’s of financial planning candidate dreading the CPA exam. Now, a year later, I have accomplished and learned so much—from my classes, internship, and especially by contributing to this blog.

Unfortunately, it’s time for me to say “goodbye” to that last one.


As much as I enjoyed this past year, I know how important 2014 is for me. I want to focus on my new career, get through my first tax season, and really apply everything I’ve learned to real life. To do this the best I can, I’m taking a break from blogging here.

However, before I sign off into the real world, I wanted to share some final lessons that I plan to take with me—and I hope you will too.

Never Underestimate Yourself

In my opinion, as long as we think that we can do something, we absolutely can. All it takes is focus and determination. For me, I am determined to pay my parents back for grad school within a year and am on track to do so.

That determination will not stop for me. As I look forward, I will continue to set challenges and goals for myself. The more that I accomplish, the further I will push myself. I truly believe that there are no boundaries. As long as we stay focused, we can do anything—and that includes you!

Find Balance In Your Life

Whether it is financial, personal, or work related, we have to be able to balance what makes us happy (our “wants”) with things that we have to do, no matter how little fun they are (our “needs”).

When this comes to saving, remember that having enough money for everyday expenses or student loans is necessary, but try not to let that stop you from treating yourself once in a while. For me, I plan on keeping separate bank accounts for “needs” and “wants” and tapping into that “fun” one whenever I feel I deserve it!

With work, remember to find work-life balance as well. My employer stresses this, which is great. I know these next few months at work will be tough and stressful during tax season, but I’ll work equally hard to see my friends and do fun activities on my off days to stay grounded.

Stay In Touch

The best advice that I have ever gotten is to stay in touch with colleagues. It is easy to lose contact when classmates go their separate ways. However, those classmates are going to meet many other people—some of whom may be able to help you in the future.

Keeping up these connections will create a greater network for you, which will prove invaluable. These connections are especially helpful when it comes time to interview for jobs, meet potential clients, or even start a business (for you future entrepreneurs!).

With that said, as I move on to the next chapter of my life, I hope that I will not lose the connections I have made from this blog. My biggest weakness is saying goodbye, and that is why I am so sad that I will no longer be able to contribute here on a regular basis. So, maybe it’s not time to say “goodbye.” Instead, let’s say, “Until next time!”

Have any parting words for Susie? Leave them in the comments!

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