Why You Need To Party Like It’s Graduation Time

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Table set up with a display of new grad photos and diplomas.

I don’t know about setting all this stuff up … maybe just stick with a bucket with a “monetary donations” sign. 

Right now, many students out there are graduating and moving on. Meanwhile, I’m knee-deep in finals and starting to lose my sanity a little bit. (What day is it? Seriously, I lost track.)

The thing keeping me somewhat in control is the light at the end of the tunnel. In just a few days, I will be done with schoolwork. Shortly after, we’ll have our commencement ceremony.

Then what?

Well, long term is still a little sketchy, but today, I want to talk about the immediate short term. I want to talk about graduation parties.


You Should Have One

Forget the fact that your party would be fun for a second (it will, right?). First, I want you to think about why you deserve a party.

Finishing school is an accomplishment. A lot of people aren’t able to, for financial reasons or otherwise. You should be proud of yourself for completing this journey. I am. I remember everyone getting especially excited about high school graduation and I thought, “Aren’t I supposed to graduate high school?”

Yes, you are. But college takes a lot more (I said while worrying about three cumulative finals). You are about to enter a new phase of your life. So whether your party is for graduating, entering the job force, embracing your student loan grace period, or coming home, the key point is that you celebrate.

That “celebration” can mean whatever you want it to mean—from a small get-together a big bash. If you choose the latter, just remember to do some price-conscious shopping; you’re not competing with this guy after all.

You Should Invite People

A little obvious, I know. Here’s why I say this, though, and it is another good reason to have a party: Many of your guests will bring gifts, and many of those gifts will be monetary.

Before you call me a greedy little punk, hold your horses.

You need to remember two things. One: you are proud of yourself and deserve it (as seen above). Two: other people are very proud of you and eager to congratulate you. There’s no sense in forgetting that.

Also, think about what you can put that gift money toward (no, not lavish trips or fancy new gizmos). Yup, now you may be facing far less fun things, like car insurance, student loan payments, and apartment rentals. Use your new wealth wisely.

You Should Go To Other People’s Parties

Is there free food? Yes? Then you should go (if invited of course).  And you should celebrate their good work too, in addition to the free grub. If the schedule works out for you, you could be looking at quite a few Saturday evenings with a free dinner. That’s especially good for new-grad saving.

As for gift giving, I believe the general rule of thumb is that a fellow grad need not bring something. No sense in exchanging gifts when you’d both be better served saving your money.

The gray area comes with long-distance college friends. Eventually, there’s a threshold when it becomes too tough for you to make it to their party. Sorry “Shane’s Friend From California,” I can’t make it to your party.

How will you celebrate your big accomplishment? Share with us!

(Photo: Mat_the_W)

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