Nom by SALT Lets You Dine on a Dime

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Nom by SALT keeps your stomach and your wallet full.

All month, we’ve been whetting your appetite for Nom by SALT. Now, we’re offering up our most appetizing dish to date: a sneak preview of this new app’s functionality, courtesy of one hungry, money savvy intern. Get your forks, spoons, and phones ready—it’s time to dig in to Nom.

What makes Nom so nommable?

To find out, I got a little taste of this new, free iPhone app before its upcoming release. Here’s my inside scoop of what it does and how it works.


If you’re like me, you’re always spending all your money on food. That’s what happens in college. (Intern Shane agrees.) Nom helps you control your food budget by finding food for you based on how much you want to spend and what you want to eat.

The first step is to set a weekly budget. Next, when you get hungry, decidewhat kind of food you’re looking for (sushi? tacos? ice cream?) and how much you’re going to spend. You can enter a price range from $2 all the way up to whatever your budget is.

Click the search button, and Nom will list the places nearest to your location that have that food item for UNDER the amount you want to spend.

If you purchase an item, tap the green “Nom” button. This is a vital step, because it lets the app keep track of your budget. Over time, Nom keeps trends of how and what you spend your money on.

If Nom suggests something you don’t like, click on the “Yuck!” button and never worry about it again. The cool thing is, the more you use Nom, the better it gets with finding the food you like.


I tried out Nom with a budget of $50 for the week. As I decided how much to spend, a meter with my budget was right on the screen—and it turned red when I wanted to spend an unreasonable amount (like $23).

  • I typed in caprese—a tomato, mozzarella, and pesto sandwich and a favorite meal of mine—for under $8. Several options came up, all listed in order of distance. How convenient!
  • Say I want spanakopita (spinach pie). My mom’s is the best and it’s free, but Nom gave me 2 places nearby that sell it for under $4. I was surprised.
  • Now something ridiculous: What if I wanted to spend $2 for a smoothie? So I typed it in, expecting zero results. But sure enough, Nom found something for me for UNDER $2—that’s pretty impressive.

Another thing to mention—Nom does not choose fast food places (you know what’s there anyway), so you might find something you’ve never heard of before.


Apps like Yelp or Urban Spoon may help you find the restaurant you’re looking for, but Nom sinks its technological teeth into so much more. It tracks not only the exact location (map included!) but also the exact price (down to the cent) and the specific food you’re looking for—with a full description straight off the restaurant’s menu.

Not sure if that’s the food you want? Scroll down and view the full menu with prices. You’re probably thinking, “If only it could be ready when I got there.” SALT thought of that too. The phone number is listed right below the food item, just in case you want to call and order for pick up or delivery.

It was good to see how thorough and descriptive Nom was while remaining clean, clear, and simple to use. The developers really thought of everything.

The hardest decision of the day for many of us is what to eat, and Nom makes is easy, exciting, and inexpensive.

So, are you ready for Nom? Stay tuned to this space to find out when it officially becomes available. 

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Leave A Reply

Leave A Reply
  1. Glenn Hall October 19, 2012 / 11:13 am


    The pictures of food made me soooo hungry…

    I can’t wait for Nom to come out so I can find good deals on this stuff!!!

    • Ryan Lane October 19, 2012 / 12:46 pm

      Maybe we should have waited until after lunch to post this one…

  2. Nysa October 26, 2012 / 10:35 am

    Sounds like a great app but I wonder how useful it will be for those of us not attending college in the Megalopolis, ya know the smaller college towns. It hardly seems worth the developers time to research eateries in areas where such a limited number of users would be accessing it.

    • Ryan Lane October 26, 2012 / 1:19 pm

      Thanks, Nysa! Nom uses information from FoodGenius, which includes more than 230,000 menus (and growing!) from across the nation. Once the app is available, I hope you’ll give it a shot. And definitely review it in the App store so we know how it works for you.

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