Need a Résumé Booster? Start a Club on Campus

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Nursing students

Nurses, assemble! (And let some guys in your club too!)

Whether it is for a job, a scholarship, or a transfer application, it always helps to have leadership experience on your résumé. Leadership experience is essentially any experience where you’ve had to lead or manage a group of people.

Leadership experience can come from employment (if you were in a managerial position), community service, and really just about anything. For the average student, however, adding leadership experience to your résumé can be a challenge.


Let’s face it: We have jobs, families, finals, and all sorts of other commitments. How can you find time to gain leadership experience?

By starting a club on campus.

How to Get Started

At first glance, starting a club might not make sense. It sounds like a lot of work but is actually less than you think. On most community college campuses, starting a club requires only a few things:

  • Completing an application with details about the new club
  • Recruiting for offices (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.)
  • Signing up a few members (and you may not even have to do this)

That’s really about it to get started!

You Call the Shots

Let’s say your school does not have a club for students who want to become nurses (and let’s say you would like to become a nurse)—starting a club for nurses makes perfect sense. (You might want to give the club a better name than just the Nursing Club!)

First of all, you’ll be the club president. That means you get to decide how often the club meets, what activities the club engages in, and who the other officers of the club are. With that kind of control, you can build the club around your schedule!

If you recruit friends to be club officers, then you also get to work with friends on club activities. If you want to add some community service to your résumé, you can create a community service event for your club that works best for you as well.

Now, that may sound selfish. I mean, after all, you want your members to benefit as well. I’m just trying to elaborate on the fact that you call the shots when you start an organization. It’s one of the easiest ways to add leadership without adding a significant time commitment.

Find something you are passionate about, grab some friends, and head over to your community college’s campus organization office and get that club started!

Have you started a club on your campus? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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