Why You Need To Create A Healthy Financial Plan [EXCERPT]

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Keeping your body healthy is a lot like keeping your wallet healthy. Both require you to create a plan, and without sticking to that, both can prevent you from achieving your goals.

In her latest FREE article on saltmoney.org, international wealth planning expert Elaine King outlines a four-step plan to figure out which of your financial areas may need a “checkup.” Check out this excerpt, and click through the view the complete text (in English and Spanish).


At my last annual checkup, my doctor asked me a series of questions and ran through a list of tests. My levels were well, but there have been years when they weren’t—and I had to follow a plan to improve them. Learning what goes into that plan helped me improve my future outcome.

Similarly, everyone needs an annual financial checkup. But instead of checking your cholesterol and pressure at the doctor’s office, you should be evaluating how you budget your money and manage your debt levels, among other things. After an evaluation, you’ll want to create a long-term plan, because unlike a health test, a financial test develops with time.

So, how do you figure out which financial areas to include in your next checkup and which need improvement?

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