Master Your Plastic With A New Interactive Lesson From SALT

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Credit cards can be expensive, but mastering your plastic doesn’t have to cost you anything.

This blog isn’t the only place you can find fresh content from SALT. We constantly update with great, FREE content—including interactive lessons, like this one about mastering your plastic.

Remember when you got your first credit card? It was like a whole world of purchasing power magnetically stamped onto a slim plastic rectangle with your name on it!

Life. Was. Awesome …

… Until the first bill came. Hopefully that was the only reality check you needed. But if you still need a little help figuring out how much you can afford to charge every month, or how those purchases add up over time, check out the newest interactive lesson on

This lesson will help manage your credit cards in a way that works for you and find some options for reducing the amount you owe. All you need to get started are your credit-card and bank statements. Master your plastic now!

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SALT is a game-changing new membership program that helps students and families navigate financing a higher education, successfully manage any resulting debt, and build money skills for life. Create your SALT account to get started today. It’s free!

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