Knowing Your Size Helps You Save Time And Money When Shopping Online

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Sure, this dress looks cute. But would it look cute at that length on you?

During her wardrobe overhaul, Josie Corichi has often referred to the friend who helped her out. Well, now it’s time for you to meet that coupon queen herself, Melissa Marin! Melissa had so many great shopping tips that we had to give a chance to write her own posts. Check out her first one below! (Sorry, guys, she’s still pretty focused on women’s wardrobes.)

Let me tell you why I am a big fan of online shopping: it’s convenient, cost effective, and hassle free. No waiting in long lines or physically fighting my fellow females for the last item on the rack. Need I say more?

It’s not as difficult as you think, and it’s really thrilling to see how much money you are saving. I recently saved over $300 dollars updating my work wardrobe—that’s the cost of a plane ticket! And it didn’t take a lot of time, either.

To get started, you’ve got to do some homework first. Here are a couple things to do that will help you save time, so you’re not always sending back the things you’ve ordered.

Know Your Body Measurements

You and I know that the sizing changes from brand to brand. Just because you fit into a size four at Banana Republic doesn’t mean you are a size four everywhere else. Before you buy, make sure to look at the size chart. You don’t want to buy that great work skirt and find out after it’s too big or too small.

The measurements you care about the most are your chest, waist, hips, and inseam (so when a site tells you how long a skirt is, you know where it will fall on your body). Learn how to take your body measurements here.

Know What Styles Look Good On You

You know that show-stopping, mid-length dress you saw online? It looks absolutely stunning on that model, but will it look the same on you? Truth is, most of us aren’t built like models. She is probably around 5’9”, which means she has the legs to pull off a mid-length dress.

Many sites will actually tell you the model’s measurements and what size she is wearing. If you’re like most of us (average 5’4” and below), that mid-length may make your legs look much shorter than they truly are.

It’s Worth It

This may seem like a lot of research to do, but trust me it’s worth it. There are some opportunities to save online that you just can’t find in a store—so make sure you know your body’s measurements well and you don’t waste time and money buying things that won’t fit.

Melissa Marin is a corporate trainer in the Borrower Services division at American Student Assistance®(ASA). You can hear more from her (though not about clothes) in this video.

(Photo: AnnabelVita)

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