If You’re Broke, “Fixx” It With A New App From SALT

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Fixx by SALT is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Morning coffee: $1.50, every day.

Night out with friends: $20, two (maybe more? maybe less?) nights each week.

New clothes: $30, twice a month.

This is when spending gets scary—when you can assign a frequency to it, and it becomes part of your routine. It starts to feel like that is what you’re supposed to do.

That’s where Fixx by SALT™ comes in.


What Is Fixx?

Fixx is a new, free tool that helps you find, track, and save on the items you spend on routinely as part of your life.

After selecting your purchase(s) of choice from a long list of options, you tell Fixx every time you chose to pass on buying that item and every time you gave in. Fixx then shows how much you’ve saved and how that money can add up down the road.

Finding A Fixx

I don’t think of myself as someone who spends as part of a routine. I get most of my food on my school meal plan. I’m not a regular coffee or tea person.

However, Fixx offers tons of suggestions of things that you might spend on—many of which you may not even realize were becoming regular purchases, like music downloads, bottled water, ATM fees, and more. (You can also add your own Fixx, if your spending routine is unique. So if you buy tons of Q-tips or juice boxes, or whatever, Fixx still has you covered.)

Those nights out with friends or take-out orders you take for granted are actually just part of your routine, and that’s when spending can become dangerous. You stop caring what it costs because it’s just what you always do.

Whether or not you know it, everyone has a “fixx” or two. It could be anything from orange soda to waffles to v-neck tees.

Do The Math

Once you identify a repeated purchase, it’s not so easy to stop buying it. In some cases, it can seem nearly impossible. Ever get between a coffee drinker and their daily cup of Joe? It’s not a pretty sight.

In order to break a habit like that, you need a little motivation. Fixx provides plenty by calculating how the money you’re saving would add up if you put it in the bank instead of spending it. Every time you skip (or add) a purchase, Fixx records that information to show your savings for months and even years into the future.

Sure, if you skip your morning coffee once, you’ll only save $2. But if you skip it for a few weeks or a whole year, Fixx can show you how big your savings would be. Nothing motivates like dollar signs.

Ready to break your “fixx”? Download the mobile app here. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Also, you could earn a $25 Amazon gift card for participating in a special new project involving Fixx. Click here to see if you qualify! 

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