How To Deal With A Big Company’s Hiring Process

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An Evening with the Fortune 500, people sitting at event tables.

Want a seat at one of these tables? You’re going to have to work for it.

Many big-time, Fortune 500 companies are starting to hire in droves again.

The good news about this? It means the economy is slowly getting better. The bad news? This kind of mass hiring taxes companies, so they essentially outsource everything. That means you end up dealing with not one, but three companies: the one hiring, the recruiting firm they hired to push paper, and the background check company.

This can cause a lot of hiccups along the way. Here’s how to deal with them.


The Outsourced Recruiter Stopped Answering

These giant staffing firms deal with thousands of candidates at once—so you may have to be very persistent in contacting them.

The outsourced recruiter will likely give you his or her direct email and phone number; use either as much as you need to. They will eventually answer. And since they don’t make the ultimate hiring decision, you don’t have to worry about annoying them.

In-Person Testing And Interviews Take All Day

With massive companies, there will be some sort of HR testing. This could range from personality tests to customer service simulations. (Note: They do usually have study guides available for these. Find them.)

After the testing, which, by the way, is done en masse, you may be called for a quick interview. Since you’re in line with so many other people, this could essentially take all day. Prepare in advance: Block out an entire day just for this step, and bring some snacks if they allow it.

The Background Check People Didn’t Do Their Jobs

Unfortunately, this tends to happen often. Sometimes, the outsourced background check company finds what looks like a discrepancy, and rather than doing further research, they just stop.

This could be something as simple as someone misspelling your college’s name. You then get an email and phone call saying the check is incomplete and you cannot be hired until it’s finished. (Very annoying.)

When you authorize the background check, you receive a claim number and direct phone number. Use it immediately. The sooner you nip this issue in the bud and give them what they need, the better.

The Offer Letter Won’t Come Into Your Inbox

Offer letters are sometimes huge because they come with new hire paperwork you need to fill out. Not all companies put this in a zip file, meaning the files are going to be huge. Sometimes they are so big your email server bounces them back.

Make sure you have set the proper capacity limits on your email accounts. And, of course, when in doubt just use Gmail.

Going through the hiring process with a huge company can be very frustrating; however, if you can deal with the hiccups and be patient, you can find work with them. It’ll be worth the headaches when you can put a Fortune 500 on your résumé.

Do you work at a big company? How’d you navigate the hiring process? Share your tips in the comments.

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