How to Respect Your Journey to Employment

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You may not end up with a gold star, but you should still r-e-s-p-e-c-t the journey.

You may not end up with a gold star, but you should still r-e-s-p-e-c-t the journey.

Evelyn Ngugi is working her way to, well, working. Here is some bite-sized wisdom from her about how she’s surviving the journey.

It’s no easy task, respecting your journey.

You have to plow through your ego and stumble past comments, both snide and well-intentioned.

You must try to wake up at a decent hour, preferably before most of your employed colleagues eat their second meal of the day.

You must never grow tired of checking job banks, scrolling almost robotically through the listings.

Also, keep talking to people. Stay in touch. It’s OK to let those close to you know where you are in your journey. Most people want to be your cheerleader. Some are even fans.


Is your résumé updated? It should be.

Don’t have a LinkedIn? Get one and actually use it.

Use social media for something other than live tweeting the new Grey’s Anatomy episode (#Ihateyoushondarhimesrtopkillingpeople).

Subscribe to Twitter lists and connect with professionals in your industry both in your area and around the world.

Make a Pinterest board to keep track of all the resources and articles you’ve read during your job search.

Keep reading. Read for leisure, read for education.

Keep track of your strengths and weaknesses, so it’s not such an awkward question at your next interview. Now sharpen your weakest skill set.


Have you made any mistakes in your journey so far? Of course you have. I have too. We should write them down and learn from them.

What do you regret? I regret not traveling to New York for a week or taking a Web design class or not writing as frequently as I should.

I always counted on finding a job as an excuse to not commit to anything substantial. “In the mean time” was not in my vocabulary—and I wasted a lot of time.


Leave the house. Go to Barnes and Noble and read entire books standing up, because books are just way too expensive sometimes.

Go to that cheap happy hour with your friends.

Cry or scream or roll your eyes at Life. Just don’t do it for too long. Be diligent and proactive and honest. You might not get the perfect job right away. Be grateful anyway.

It’s no easy task, respecting your journey.

Have your own ways for respecting the journey to employment? Share your wisdom in the comments. 

(Photo: Fabio Ikezaki/Flickr)

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