Hashing It Out: #FaceTheRed Part 2!

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Twitter is a wonderful social media playground, with even more wonderful hashtags (aka number symbol, aka pound, aka name for your child) that let people talk about the same things together—including money. We’re highlighting the best tags to use to get your financial fix. Today: #FaceTheRed.

In honor of our mini-movie, The Red, we’re hashing it out with our custom tag #FaceTheRed. What’s this hashtag mean? Well, you can use it to show courage about your student loans, admit they exist, or just to talk about money in general.

As part of our $10,000 Face The Red™ sweepstakes (you can still enter!), we asked you to tweet your tips on “saving money by ____” and tag it #FaceTheRed. You faced our task realistically, boldly, creatively, and with some (very far) out of the box thinking. Most of you had advice on cutting food costs.

Here are a few of my favorites.






What do you save money by doing? Tell us in the comments.

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