Get “Under The Dome” And Avoid Going Over Your Budget

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Dean Norris

You’ll get out from under the dome in time to catch Walt, right? Hank?! HANK?!

Earlier this week, CBS debuted their summer miniseries Under The Dome. Sadly, the show isn’t a Jim Boeheim retrospective—rather, it’s an adaptation of The Simpsons Movie a Stephen King novel about a mysterious force field that descends upon a small town.

The premiere gave people a reason to watch network TV in the summer (take that, The American Baking Competition!), as well as perhaps the saddest promo photo of all time. And while the show will surely offer a lot separation stories, being physically apart from something doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, it could be a good thing—especially if what you’re separated from costs you a lot of money.


So, for this week’s question, we asked our bloggers what they wouldn’t mind being separated from if they were stuck under the dome. (And no “doming” student loans; as many of you can attest, not even something supernatural can keep those away from you …)

Check out what they came up with.

Anna Marden

I would like to put PayPal outside the dome. I am much more inclined to buy something online if I can pay with PayPal, because it’s automatically linked to my checking account, so I don’t have to go fishing for my credit card and enter all those numbers. I can just click a button, and the payment is done. That’s pretty dangerous, because it definitely gives me less time to talk myself out of an impulse buy.

Aaron Weber

How about this awful humidity? I have to keep running the AC, and it’s going to ruin my streak of electric bills under $75/month.

Bridget Casey

OHHH, all those #thedome tweets on Twitter finally make sense; I had no idea what anyone was talking about.

I need Sephora outside of the dome. I have a careless habit of budgeting make-up as a “need” and then readily ringing up over $100 a month in perfume, nail polish, and mascara. NOT OK.

Shane McNichol

I’m going to make a bit of a stretch. I’m going to assume that the dome is covering a small, town-sized area. Everyone OK with that?


Now, that being said, I would gladly leave my car and its gas tank outside the bubble. Being back home with access to a car has quickly reminded me how rough regular gas purchases can be on your wallet. I would gladly walk around under that dome and save some cash.

Brigit Bauma

Though I would kind of freak out about being stuck in a dome, I wouldn’t mind being seperated from clothing stores. As much as I love shopping, it can hurt my wallet.

I like to keep up with fashion trends, and if I was stuck in a dome, fashion wouldn’t matter. I would mostly be worried about surviving. I’m kind of glad my dad is a farmer now. I think we’d do fine. Good luck to everyone else! Lol!

Ryan Lane

The $5 movie bin at Walmart. There’s no way I don’t fish through its depths like it’s some rejected Double Dare game every time I’m there. Gremlins? (I could watch that again.) Hot Tub Time Machine? (You were pretty good.) Baby Mama? (What?! How’d you get in here?! You’re coming home with me …)

Sarah Barker

I would like to dome all marketing messages from my favorite clothing stores. I love clothes, and being bombarded with reminders of all the great outfits I wish I could buy is annoying.

Live on less, I tell myself, as I feel out of style and failing in my efforts to keep up with the Joneses. Especially good to dome these temptations when it costs almost $80 to fill my tank every week. For that matter, dome the gas stations!!

Diane Melville

This is highly relevant to me! I just finished “analog week,” which was basically a week where I didn’t engage with technology unless it was work related. No Facebook, no Google Maps, and definitely no Candy Crush (man, do I love Candy Crush).

It was a challenging but awesome week! I read books, worked out more often, and spent more time with friends. With that said, I’d like to dome all technology time vampires.

All right, readers, now it’s your turn. What would you “dome”? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo: Wikimedia)

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