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Get on the money with a free webinar.

You know the feeling you get when you unthinkingly reach into your pocket and pull out a dollar you never knew was there?

Or when you’re walking down the street and see an orphan $20 note on the ground, just waiting to be adopted into your wallet?


The “just found money” feeling is two parts elation, one part money savvy.

Unfortunately, stumbling upon free money isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence. It’s extremely random and not a great way to bank some extra cash.

But the good news is there are better ways to find extra money than just random occurrences. 

Even better news: SALT can show you how.


Join SALT for a completely free webinar on Tuesday, August 14 that will help you find more money by:

  • Identifying your sources of income.
  • Taking a look at your spending habits.
  • Explaining The Latte Factor (or, in my case, The Tea Factor).
  • Providing real world strategies to curb spending.

With help from SALT, you can get that “just found money” feeling every day!

Register now!

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