Get Expert Student Loan Help With SALT’s Repayment Navigator

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Which way should you go? Sign up to get help figuring it all out.

It’s time.

If you graduated from college last May, your student loan grace period may be ending this month. (Breathe.) We’ve already talked a lot about grace periods and cutting the stress of making those first payments.

Now, is helping you out even more, with a new tool that lets you chart your best course to repayment: Repayment Navigator.


Here at SALT™, we know how complicated the route to student loan repayment can be. That’s why we designed Repayment Navigator to walk you through every step of that journey.

By answering a few questions within this tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Review different federal student loan payment plans.
  • Find out ways to decrease or postpone your monthly payments.
  • Learn how you can get your loans wiped out entirely.

Sign up for your FREE membership to  SALT, and navigate your course to a debt-free destination.

Sign Up To Access Repayment Navigator

SALT is a free, nonprofit-backed resource that provides simple ways to take control of your student debt, manage your money, and tackle your #20SomethingProblems. Create your SALT account to get started today. It’s free!

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