Is Your Gender Influencing Your Shopping Behavior? [EXCERPT]

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Pair of boots in shoe store.

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Understanding what type of shopper you are could help you save money, and people typically fall into two categories: hunters and gatherers.

How can you tell which one you are? Well, in her latest free article on, money psychology expert Kathleen Burns Kingsbury says it may be as easy as knowing your gender. (And, no, this isn’t leading into an old stand-up comedy routine.)

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Have you ever shopped with your boyfriend or girlfriend and thought he or she was going to drive you crazy? While you may just think it is just you, your aggravation is really more about how men and women shop.

Researchers have found that, in general, women like to look around and find items to buy while at a store. This is known as “grazing”; therefore, researchers call this shopping style “the gatherer.” Men, on the other hand, typically go into a store with one intent: buy what they came for and get out fast. Researchers call this shopping style “the hunter.” As you can imagine, hunters and gatherers don’t always get along.

Here are a few interesting gender and shopping statistics:

  • Women look at price tags 86% of the time, compared to men who only peek at the price 72% of the time.
  • Male shoppers who try on a piece of clothing buy it 65% of the time, compared to female shoppers who buy it only 25% of the time.
  • Men prefer to answer their questions online or by reading a user’s manual, compared to women who prefer to get their answers by asking the salesperson.

Retailers use this data to target their environment toward their main demographic. For instance, stores for female consumers are highly staffed to make sure customers get questions answered quickly. At clothing stores, they often put the dressing rooms closer to the men’s section to increase the likelihood of guys trying on the clothes. Once a man makes this effort, he is highly likely to make a purchase. No matter where the dressing room is women will make the trek.

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