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Who said the only way to learn about money was to read articles on top of articles? Financial education is all around us—provided you look closely enough. Increase your awareness with our first ever video of the week, picked fresh from YouTube.

You may think that I’ve exhausted my ability to make financial connections to animal-related videos after that stint with the Tibetan bear. You’d be wrong.

Not only does this donkey clean up after itself better than most college students, but it also represents a great financial lesson: don’t overlook unlikely helpers.


It’s a very simple, very true fact of life, but some people have a hard time asking for help. This becomes even tougher when money is involved, whether it’s expecting $5 from a friend or college tuition from parents (thanks, mom and dad).

People who love us may feel somewhat obligated to help if we run into financial trouble (again: thanks, mom and dad). But sometimes you can get some free assistance from others that will save you money—as opposed to just asking for cash itself.

For example, you could save money on a writing tutor by asking a professor to give your paper a quick look. Or, you could ask a housemate to help you move. Most friends will be happy to do it, and even if you thank them with some beer or pizza, it will still be less expensive than hiring movers.

Now, getting cleaning help from your donkey is unlikely to the extreme. If you want to go and train your cat to do the dishes or make your bird dance to catchy pop songs, I’m sure not going to stop you. My point is that lots of people are nice by nature. Ask for help when you need it—you’ll probably be surprised just how many people are willing to lend a hand (or hoof).

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