How To Find Out If Your Student Loan Payments Are Due Soon [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Halloween is almost here, but for some, an even scarier occasion lurks right around the corner: their student loans entering repayment. This weekend marks the beginning of November, which could mark the end of the grace period for many members of the class of 2014.

Nothing is scarier than your loan payments beginning without you knowing it. (OK, maybe that clown from the new American Horror Story is scarier—I couldn’t even Google it to link to the right image! So, it goes “clowns,” then “student loans.) Fortunately, you have a weapon at your disposal to fight back these horrors.


The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®) is the government’s central database for all your federal student loan information. You can log in there to see when your loans are due, who holds them, and where to send your payments. To help you do this, we created the following infographic. (As a bonus, it may inspire some last-minute costume ideas for you as well.)

Check it out!

(Click image to enlarge.)


Want to learn more about NSLDS? Check out

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