What Financial Accomplishments Are You Thankful For This Year?

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Turkey that's a little bit burnt.

Hopefully, this question is the only thing burnt on your Thanksgiving.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, SALT™ Blog readers!

To celebrate the holiday, we prepared a special dish for you: a brand new burning question! (Don’t worry: It’s only burnt on the outside; the answers are still delicious, we swear.)

And while turkey day presented many delicious directions to take, we kept things simple. Below, check out which financial accomplishment our bloggers are thankful for—and then post your own in the comments. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without sharing?


Evelyn Ngugi

My financial accomplishment: planning and paying for an international trip! It taught me that the things I do every day can directly affect how quickly I reach my financial goals. Now, I think about everything in terms of plane tickets. “Fancy dinner? That’s like 1/4 a plane ticket! You better eat leftovers, woman!” 

Shane McNichol

I’m thankful for many things—Thanksgiving itself, first and foremost. It’s the best holiday and my favorite day of the year pretty much every year. Financially, however, I’m pleased to say I have begun repaying my student loans. One payment down, 10 years to go (or less)!

Ashley Norwood

I had a rude awakening when I had my daughter. No, it wasn’t being woken up at all hours of the night; it was the cost of daycare! I had no idea how I would ever afford it—and eat anything other than ramen. I sat down and made myself account for everything I spent my money on in a month, and you know what happened? I found a ton of wasteful spending. Now, it’s almost 2 years later, and I can afford her daycare (as well as all my other bills). I save for the future, and I can even treat myself every now and then. I’m thankful that having my daughter forced me to take control of my finances.

Mike Restiano

I’m pretty thankful to have been able to pay my apartment’s rent entirely on my own for the past 6 months! It’s not easy having real-person expenses on a student’s income, but you can definitely make it happen if you work hard enough.

Bridget Casey

I’m JUST going to make my 2013 goal to have $20,000 invested in the stock market. So grateful I was able to accomplish this despite going back to school. I can’t even believe that 2 years ago I was $20,000 in debt and now I’m managing a $20,000 investment portfolio.

Sarah Barker

I am thankful that I have a better understanding of our family finances, by virtue of filling out the FASFA and CSS Profile forms for college financial aid. Don’t’ get me wrong: I detest filling out those forms. However, understanding our family’s financial situation is empowering. Head is out of the sand, so this is progress!

Jonathan Sparling

One financial accomplishment I am thankful for is paying a significant portion of my graduate school “out of pocket.” While I am still borrowing some federal loans, it is much less than I initially thought. I was able to “find” additional money after I revisited my spending plan and cut some discretionary expenses.

Sasha Laferte

I’m thankful (and very proud of that fact that) I’ve managed to completely support myself while being a full-time student. I know a lot of other college students out there do the same, and it’s no easy feat. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to manage my money in a way that allows me to pay my apartment rent, bills, student loans, food, and travel expenses all on my own. On the flip side, I’m also very thankful for my parents who don’t give me a hard time when I bring five loads of laundry home on the weekends or when I raid their fridge for food to bring back to my apartment.

Ryan Lane

I’m thankful that I get to run this blog and write Daily Interest on a (mostly) daily basis. While its “money matters” don’t really matter sometimes, things like the cost of living at Disney make financial news more interesting and less intimidating to me. Hopefully, for you too.

Anna Marden

I’m thankful that I get to be a paid writer. Even if I still have a day job, being able to freelance for SALT and some other publications allows me to say that I get paid to do what I love. It also helps me be more financially stable, and it’s allowing me to save up for my next big adventure.

All right, reader, now it’s your turn! Share your thanks below!

(Photo: kurisurokku)

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