Editor’s Choice: Best Of The SALT Blog 2014

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Best of the SALT Blog 2014It’s hard for me to believe, but this is the third time I’ve written this column (check out the 2012 and 2013 editions). Sadly, it’s also going to be the final time.

I’ll have more on that tomorrow. Today, though, we’re not talking about the future—we’re celebrating the past. (This blog’s past, in case that wasn’t already clear.)


As always, I’m incredibly proud of the work everyone involved with this blog contributed this year. However, since I cannot highlight every piece we published in 2014, I’ve selected my favorite from each of our contributors. (I do sincerely encourage you to read their entire archives, though!)


What Does It Mean To “Refinance” Your Student Loans? (Aaron Weber)

I’m catching more and more “refinance your student loan” commercials on TV, which makes this piece from Aaron as important as ever.

How To Format Your Résumé So A Recruiter Actually Receives It (Amanda Abella)

Ever submit your résumé and wonder where it went? We all do. Luckily, we all also have Amanda to explain what happens to us.

Follow Your Dream By Taking These 4 Steps (Anna Marden)

At one time or another, we’ve all probably thought about quitting our day job to pursue our dreams. Anna Marden actually did it, and she shared how you can make this happen.

Volunteer Your Way Out Of Student Loan Debt (Ashley Norwood)

Ashley is all about finding “new and innovative” ways to pay off student loans—and that’s why we love her. Her best find this year? SponsorChange.org, an organization that helps college grads pay back their loans in exchange for volunteering their time.

How To Identify Potential Student Loan Scams (Betsy Mayotte)

Great advice + even better picture of Piglet the cat = spot on this list. Yup, I’m that easy, folks.

How To Deal With Your Spending “Blind Spots” (Bridget Casey)

We all have those areas in our budgets in which we overspend (whether we realize it or not). Bridget dug into her own “blind spot” (yoga) and how she obtained the flexibility (NAILED IT) to manage it.

How To Answer The Hardest Questions About Your Job Search (Brigit Bauma)

Brigit shared her entire job-hunting journey with us, and I loved every part of it—especially the happy ending when she landed a job! However, this honest look at an issue all new grads faced (answering those questions about your future) remains my favorite.

I Wasn’t Expecting This Expense (Carmen Guzmán)

If you created an emergency fund, you probably hope you never have to use it. Carmen didn’t have one—and then had to travel home for a family emergency at a moment’s notice. Here’s how she dealt with it.

Meet Courtney Buohl (Courtney Buohl)

Our latest blog intern, Courtney got it immediately—as you’ll see in her introductory piece.

Upcoming 2014 Scholarship Deadlines (Diane Melville)

Diane wins for practicality, with this list of monthly scholarship deadlines. These 2014 dates may have already passed, but here’s a pro tip: many will likely be back again next year. Keep this page bookmarked.

5 Embarrassing Ways I Still Waste Money (Evelyn Ngugi)

For all of us who are guilty of “sleep shopping.”

The Hidden Costs Of Pet Ownership (Jonathan Sparling)

Click through for the cute picture of Jonathan’s dog, Deacon (we’re equal opportunity dog and cat on this list, apparently). Bu then, read on for the financial lessons he learned from adding a pet to his life and budget.

Why You Have To Break Free Of The Student Loan Shackle (Mike Restiano)

Mike is battling a mountain of student debt, but he’s not letting it stop him from pursuing his goals. In this post, he explains why.

Things A Job Interviewer Should Never Ask You (Even If She’s Amy Poehler) (Ryan Lane)

I didn’t realize this was going to be the last video of the week this blog featured. However, at least we went out in style (literally!), thanks to VOTW patron saint Amy Poehler.

How To Manage The Stress Of Paying $50,000 In College Tuitions (Sarah Barker)

Any kid who checked out of the paying-for-college process (my hand is raised) can get an inside look from Sarah Barker about facing those giant bills. Read the post, then buy your parents something extra nice for the holidays,

4 Benefits Of Having Student Loan Debt (Sasha Laferte)

One of our more polarizing posts of the year, and to that, I say “good.” No one likes debt. There’s no way around that. Still, I’m glad that negative is not the only thing Sasha’s focused on.

5 Signs That The Student Loan Market Is Changing For The Better (Sean Engelking)

Speaking of looking on the bright side, consider Sean’s post from the beginning of the year. (I’ve selected a lot of positive pieces, huh? Maybe I’m an optimist at heart? Wait, no; that’s not right.)

I Got A Job! How I Knew It Was The Right Opportunity (Shane McNichol)

By Shane’s estimation, he applied to, networked with, or met with 60 different companies before landing his first full-time job. So, yeah, he learned some key points along the way that he shared with all of us.

What was your favorite post from the past year on the SALT Blog? Let us know in the comments!

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