Editor’s Choice: Best of the SALT Blog 2012

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Best of the SALT Blog 2012 This is the SALT™ Blog’s last post of 2012. It’s also our 544th overall.


The number seems unbelievable to me—and I’ve reviewed almost every single post before we published them! (Was I really on vacation at one point? It feels like decades ago.)


I want to thank every reader who’s visited us over the past 6 months (and if you’ve visited more than once, I’d happily hug you). I hope we’ve heightened your awareness around finances, as we said we would, and that you enjoyed the ride.

To celebrate the end of the year, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite posts since our launch—one from each of our great contributors, whom I owe a big thank you to as well.

Please enjoy, and please come back in 2013. (Remember, there will be hugs involved if you do.)

Aaron’s done fantastic work meeting hiring managers in shady parking garages to bring you HR secrets. Still, the cat lover in me couldn’t help but pick his story of becoming a cat lover himself—and dealing with the financial mess that came with it.

Deciphering loan repayment options doesn’t make many people smile. However, I challenge you to look at the Pay-as-You-Earn koala in Alexandra’s post and not break into a grin every time. (I just did… twice.)

With the new year approaching, a lot of you may be thinking about starting fresh at a new job. Amanda’s honesty and personal experiences let us all know how she knew it was time for a change.

Even if you budget, you don’t have to cut out your favorite things. This was never clearer than when money-savvy Bridget (she did pay off a student loan this year, after all) talked about splurging on expensive foods like almond flour.

Choosing for Diane was tough, as she’s been all over this blog with posts, infographics, and videos. From a utility standpoint, nothing stood out better than this post (or so our search-engine metrics told me).

I had a lot of fun following Evelyn’s path to employment (likely much more than she did). Of course, we both enjoyed seeing all her hard work pay off in the end. You probably did too. (If not, you have some serious employment envy.)

A lot of student loan borrowers can probably relate to this post’s title, as well as Josie’s personal story. She turned out great, and hopefully her journey helped people understand they can too.

Lee provided us with a bunch of interesting side hustles, but none captured the imagination (and controversy) like this one. Remember, with any money-making idea, always put your personal and financial safety first.

What kinds of kids read about Armour hot dogs? Not the ones who read this post—Armour wasn’t part of Michel’s comparison. Still, he had fun reminding us that you don’t have to pay a lot to get a good meal.

This post detailed Mike’s big “aha” moment: small expenses can add up big time. The revelation, not to mention the fact that he came to it on his own, is one of my proudest moments during this blog’s run.

Don’t make me choose! I’ll go with this post, mostly to reinforce my thought process that binge-watching a TV show can actually be “productive.”

Sarah has the fewest posts on the blog, but don’t hold that against this selection. Her story is great, as is the challenge she’s sharing with us—covering 12 years of tuition in a 7-year period. (Of course, “great” means two different things in those instances.)

Shane inherited video-of-the-week duties from Mike Restiano, and my goodness, did he come out swinging. If you thought the only thing you could learn from DMX was how Ruff Ryders roll, you were mistaken.


In addition to our individual efforts, the blog staff came together for some collaborative efforts. Here are two of my favorites.

Now it’s your turn! Did you have a favorite post from the past year? Something you want us to see more of or have us follow up on? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Brooke December 27, 2012 / 1:12 pm

    Congrats on 544 posts!

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