DMX Shows Borrowers Why We Shouldn’t Act the Fool (Up in Here)

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Who said the only way to learn about money was to read articles on top of articles? Financial education is all around us—provided you look closely enough. Increase your awareness with the SALT Blog video of the week, picked fresh from YouTube.

I always knew that X gon’ give it to ya, except that until now, I didn’t know that “it” was total computer illiteracy.

DMX (born Earl Simmons) has been famous for almost 20 years. He is a 3-time Grammy nominee and starred in a movie with Jet Li, and yet he can’t Google his own name—which is only 3 letters!

This might seem ridiculous to you, but then again isn’t there anything that you are very ignorant toward? College students across the country, myself included, have student loans piling up and waiting for them at graduation. And we know next to nothing about them.

So, how can we learn from DMX?


Basically, by being embarrassed for him.

X starts out the video by declaring, “I don’t even know how to use a computer,” but more importantly, “I don’t want to learn how to use a computer.” Student loans can feel the same way. I don’t know much about them, and in a perfect world, I wouldn’t want to learn about them. But in order for me to ensure a stable financial future, I need to.

DMX is literally flabbergasted by the Internet. He sees what you or I might think is necessary and just yells, “Look at these things, this different stuff!”  He even calls it “scary.”


To be honest, in some ways his experience is a lot like my first couple weeks here with SALT. Different words and acronyms just fly over my head. To many, these would be simple things that I should know, but I’ve just never taken the time to learn them.

Thankfully for DMX, he’ll never see that video again because he’ll never be able to find it on the big, confusing Internet. For me and other college students, however, there is no hiding from student loan debt. If you ignore it, it will stay confusing and come back to bite you. Instead, look in to your loans and learn about your situation.


The key takeaway of this video isn’t that DMX is totally ignorant of technology, but that he’s willing to say it. The longer I, or any other student with debt, evades thinking about it, the longer it will take to make things right.

Rather than follow in DMX’s footsteps, the correct move is to ask for help. While “Google” might be a “funny word,” “delinquency” and “default” are not.

Learn anything from DMX? Have a suggestion for a video of the week? Let us know in the comments!

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