DMX Returns for Another Financial Lesson—Holiday Style

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Who said the only way to learn about money was to read articles on top of articles? Financial education is all around us—provided you look closely enough. Increase your awareness with the SALT Blog video of the week, picked fresh from YouTube.

A few months ago, when I was given the reins to the video of the week, I kicked things off by showing rapper DMX struggle to use a computer.

It was totally ridiculous and hilarious. At the time, I thought, “Well, that was fun. That’ll be the only time in my life I write about a DMX Internet video.”

Wrong! DMX is at it again.


This video looks like it was shot the same day as our previous video of the week (unless, like cartoon characters, DMX and this woman wear the same clothes every day). It’s amazing that two moments that captivating could occur that close in time. DMX, well done.

Equally impressive is that there is, of course, another great financial lesson here. (Did you doubt there would be?). DMX is teaching us to not fall for peer pressure and do the holidays your way, just like he does. DMX doesn’t care how Bing Crosby or Andy Williams sings “Rudolph”—he’s only worried about making him and his fans happy.

So learn from him this holiday shopping season. Buying gifts and decorations can really add up, but if you use your own style to have fun and avoid breaking the bank, it really may be the most wonderful time of year.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can do this.


When you get into a Secret Santa (or whatever you may call it), the awkward conversation of the gift maximum comes up. If you have legitimate worries about your gift spending, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Everyone loves getting nice things, but you’ll probably find many more people that are in the same boat as you. Recommend a limit of $10 or $15 and encourage creativity.


Years ago, before the dawn of the Internet (sounds terrible, I know), homemade gifts were only for the artsy and handy. Now, there are tons of outlets to help you formulate ideas and guide you through the process. Pinterest obviously comes to mind as a great place for this kind of thing (and Alex and the SALT Blog can help, too!).

I think I speak for most guys when I say that I’m not an avid Pinterest user (it’s like the inside of a woman’s purse—I don’t understand it, and I don’t really want to). But a simple Google search can help you find a good idea. This list is a pretty good start, like giving someone a secret hollowed-out book for Christmas. Besides, isn’t making something the manly thing to do?


There are certainly some people out there rolling their eyes right now, but for the broke college student, why not go with something intangible?

You can do someone a big favor or chore. You can promise to stop doing something that one of your friends hates.  There’s also the classic coupon book method. You throw a bunch of intangible gifts into a book and it adds up.

If you really have fun with the idea, you’ll probably make your recipient a lot happier than with some poorly planned physical gift—and your thoughtfulness will go down in history, just like Rudolph and DMX.

How do you save on holiday gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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