How To Deal With Job Interview Mistakes [EXCERPT]

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Click through to read the full article and avoid making faces like this.

OK, so you read Amanda’s article last week about five things you should never say in a job interview. Hopefully, your first thought after finishing it wasn’t, “whoops.” But if that does sound like you, SALT™ can help.

Our latest FREE article on, “How To Deal With Job Interview Mistakes,” highlights tactics that can help you address anything you forgot to mention or misspoke about during a job interview. (Though there may be no coming back from a statement like, “My old boss was a jerk! He had relations with my wife!”)

Check out this excerpt and click through the read the full article.


So, you just interviewed for a position you know you will LOVE—but you have an uneasy feeling that you:

  1. Left out something important.
  2. Misspoke and left the employer with the wrong impression/information.
  3. Forgot to mention an important skill area or experience.
  4. All of the above.

What is there for you to do? (Besides cry and eat ice cream … lots and lots of ice cream).

Be Thankful: You Have A Better Option

It is extremely important that you follow up after every interview, and the best place to address any issues is in your follow-up thank you letter.

The follow-up is an opportunity to continue to build your relationship with a potential employer and present the value you bring. It is also a wonderful opportunity to address any major concerns you have about your interview performance.

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