Daily Interest: Is The Economy The Greatest Villain Of All?

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Divergent book cover

The economy may be bad, but that’s not stopping people from making million-dollar movies out of this stuff.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while thinking that this may be the most apropos way to quit a job ever.

(She should have taken a fish, though, for extra gravitas.)

  • NPR took a look at young adult novels and found a surprising villain throughout them all: the economy. Yes, popular books like Divergent and The Hunger Games have a strong sense of economic anxiety. Personally, I think teens need to get rid of that negative influence and focus on high school classics, like Animal Farm. Talking pigs. Hilarious! No subtext there.
  • If you’re looking for a way to cut back on your expenses, Moolanomy highlights 12 that you may be able to negotiate a better deal on. Some of these are pretty standard, like cable and cellphone service. But others are a bit more unique—like negotiating your medical costs. Really? Is that a part of Obamacare? I should watch more news and fewer episodes of Cheers, apparently.
  • Speaking of Obamacare, the first open-enrollment period is right around the corner. And like with any new legislation that’s hard to understand, people may look to take advantage of confused consumers. Wise Bread highlights a bunch of different scams you should be on the lookout for, including fees for help, government imposters, and fake websites. Sadly, they won’t all be as obvious as this.
  • We’re 60 days away from the madness that is Black Friday. (I know this because this madness actually exists.) To help you prepare, Kiplinger has tips on how you can save $1,000 before this “holiday.” Now, if you had the ability to save $1,000 in 60 days, I’d likely recommend holding onto that money—as opposed to spending it all on Black Friday. But, hey, easy enough save another $1,000 over the subsequent 60 days, right?

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Eckhart Public Library)

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