Daily Interest: Yet Another Reason To Be Wary Of Carnies

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Midway game where you try to knock down stacked items.

Midway games: robbing you of your money and your pride for more than a hundred years. (Probably.)

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while watching Mike Tyson make paying taxes seem like taking on Glass Joe!

(That means “easy and enjoyable.” What? References to “Punch Out” opponents aren’t timely or something?)

  • Gambling can lead to problems … and bananas with dreadlocks? That’s the story of Henry Gribbohm—a man from New Hampshire who gained that banana while losing his life savings (about $2,600) playing a carnival game.
  • Betty LG Cameron chose an expensive liberal arts college for her undergraduate degree, and now she’s paying for it, literally—she owes $129,240.55 in loans. So what would she tell freshman Shane her freshman self about money? Mostly to learn more about private student loans before taking them on. Read her full story on The Billfold.
  • I recently had the frustrating experience of trying to find a cheap flight (and by “I,” I mean “my wife”). Maybe she wouldn’t have cursed at so many different online search engines if she had used one of these 10 sites to score the best flight deals. (Me helping probably wouldn’t have hurt either.)
  • It’s time again for one of my favorite monthly features: What you should and shouldn’t buy in the upcoming month. According to Cheapism, May is the time to invest in BBQ supplies, but not grills. (Yes, they’re different.) The best time to grab the latter is after July 4, so stick with boiled hot dogs until then. (Yuck! Don’t do it! Instead, print this hot dog coupon and put your savings toward a grill fund.)
  • And, finally, here’s a job listing that I’m sure will give all you people trying to find a career some hope. (Not that you could land the job in the posting, but that the person posting it had a job. There’s a fit for everyone, friends.)

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Sarah_Ackerman)

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