Daily Interest: There’s No Such Thing As A “Free” Sample

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Cat sniffing at french fries on the ground.

I said “take ONE,” cat! (Note: I’ve clearly given up and will only be posting cute animal pics from now on. You. Are. Welcome.)

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while wondering how I can get on Gabon’s holiday gift list.

(A $50,000 blue mask is exactly what my living room is missing.)

  • Did you know that someone once got arrested for taking too many “free” samples at the supermarket (no, it wasn’t Intern Sasha or her grandmother). MSN Money has that story, as well as info on the right way to behave around free food in public places. (Note: This civility does not also apply to hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hours. That’s every-man-for-himself territory.)
  • HackCollege offers some “healthy-ish” snacks for your dorm mini-fridge. They’re earning that “ish” by leading off their list with flavor ice, i.e., “plastic containers with colored sugar water in them.” You can’t beat the price on most of that stuff. Though, I mean, it is just colored sugar water after all.
  • We love a good side hustle, and Money Crashers is highlighting the five best for college students. Topping their list: tutoring, freelancing, and selling your essays for “research.” (What? No quotes needed? You can sell your old essays and notes in a non-cheating way? Apparently that’s a thing! Who knew?)
  • If you have lots of different debts, you typically want to repay the one with the highest interest rate first. Not so fast, my friend! Plunged In Debt is doing the exact opposite: paying her 0% interest loan first. Find out why.
  • Constantly worried that people are going to find you out as a fraud? That they’ll notice the typoes on your blog or something else? There’s a name for that—imposter syndrome—and it could be slowing down your career. (Also, we’re all on the same page that I spelled “typos” wrong on prupose before, right?)
  • And, finally, an answer to one of life’s pressing questions: You can put a price on friendship. It’s $174.17. (So President Obama and Gabon must be, like, super-BFFs.)

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Mink)

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