Daily Interest: TED Is Talking About Your Money

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One guy strangling another at a TED Talk.

This is what can happen if you stop talking about money and start getting real …

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while thinking that Croakies missed out on a major opportunity here.

(The Wyoming economy is counting on you! At least, that’s what my river guide said when I visited there.)

  • I’ve watched roughly one TED Talk in my life; it involved saving the environment by using fewer paper towels—and now I do! Since these obviously work, it makes sense to try them for your finances as well. MainStreet has listed the top five TED Talks that can help you master your finances. Their choices include Matt Weinstein talking about “What Bernie Madoff couldn’t steal from me” (this, I’m guessing?) as well as Jessica Jackley on “Poverty, money, and love.” There appears to be little mention of Mather Nature in each. (Sorry, Earth.)
  • Manchester Community College has come up with a way that they hope will make personal finance  more palatable: pair it with burgers and beers. ”Beer, Burgers and Managing Your Bucks” is a new series that includes talks on credit and investing, as well as sliders and craft brews. Burgers and beers! Of course! And here I am, like a caveman, using YouTube videos to teach people about student loans …
  • One likely budget buster for college students? Bail. Yup, our local Red Sox won the World Series last night—and students yet again got arrested for inciting a riot. I’ll never equate “celebrating” with “tipping cars over,” but that’s just me. I was at Syracuse when we won the national title in 2003, but I stayed at the fringe of the insanity. One of my friends did come home with a parking meter someone had knocked over, though. (FYI: That’s how you make money during a celebration.) (FYI FYI: This is not recommended.)
  • We’re no stranger to a forced metaphor here (and certainly not against them). The latest we’ve found: this Halloween-inspired editorial comparing credit to jack-o’-lanterns. And while the author fails to mention that both of them should feature cats (here and here), he does point out that you should consistently check yours for tricks and treats. I’m not quite sure what would qualify as a “treat” on a credit report, but I have an idea. (Yup, I see your metaphor, and I raise you.)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

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