Daily Interest: Slightly Friskier Than Usual

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That blurry guy at the table? Yup, it's my cat. In related news, this blog has reached a new low.

That blurry guy at the table? Yup, it’s my cat. In related news, I’ve reached a new low.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while I was thinking that these are actually the cheapest, best costumes for your kids. (Sorry, Cheapism.)

  • Could you subside on $7/day worth of food? Without fasting? (Timely!) Well, this recent grad has found a way to do just that.
  • Mashable highlights 6 safety apps for students. (Now, just make sure you actually have enough battery life left at night when you’d need to use these.)

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

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