Daily Interest: What The Size Of Your Latte Says About You

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Big Coffee Cup affixed to brick wall

I’m guessing this building oversees all other buildings.

Here’s the news that caught my eye today while thinking that this is the most a-mah-zing holiday gift anyone could get me.

(Well, maybe a coupon for my name eaten into an ear of corn would be better. But it’s close.)

  • We’ve talked quite a bit about the Latte Factor. Well, apparently, there’s a new factor you should take into account when spending cash on that latte: size matters—and for more than just your caffeine intake. According to QZ (via The Billfold), latte size signifies your status at work, as more important people order bigger drinks. So, if you want to get ahead at the office, forget about these skills and focus on walking around with the biggest coffee you can find. After all, who wouldn’t want to report to this guy?
  • It seems inevitable that the “unpaid” internship will soon be a thing of the past. However, these roles still offer value in some professions, including politics. For example, check out Cody Keenan. The 32-year-old started as an unpaid intern under Ted Kennedy. Then, after an internship with Jon Favreau (sadly, not this Jon Favreau), Keenan worked his way up to a pretty solid role: lead speechwriter for President Obama.
  • Apparently, it’s a very DIY day. Earlier, Evelyn shared some simple ways to use kitchen ingredients to stay beautiful this winter. Well, over on Wise Bread, they offer up eight ingenuous DIY ideas to clean your bathroom on the cheap (you probably wouldn’t want to use their “commode cleaner” on your face, I’d imagine). An even more ingenious idea? Use these as a gift for your roommates! Because there’s no better passive-aggressive way to ask someone to do some cleaning than a lovely bottle of homemade “toilet bomb fizzies.”
  • Yesterday in this space, we talked about whether to give your boss a gift. Well, if you fell into the “you should” camp but aren’t exactly sure what to get, check out the robot boss. Yes, for the low price of $2,499 (you may want to split the cost with coworkers), you can not only let your boss telecommute, but he or she can also be telepresent. If this sounds like something your boss would appreciate, I’d look into getting a surrogate first. That could be a less expensive option, although the quality just may not be as good.
  • You may not have fun going home for the holidays, thanks to pushy parents. However, you’ll still be better off than college senior Jessie McCormick, who’s been homeless since she ran away in high school. She is one of many college students who have no place to live over break (as campuses typically shut down dorms to most students). Fortunately, as CNN reports, her story has a happy ending this season. After launching a petition with her school, they put her up in a hotel this season, while they examine their policies. Now that’s a pretty sweet gift.

What money-related news caught your eye today? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo: Mykl Roventine)

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